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Services We Provide

Specimen Collection Kits

We customize Specimen collection kits that meet your specific needs for sample collection, storage and transportation. Ease of use for samples to arrive at the lab in good conditions for reliable and accurate testing.

  • The type of sample (bodily fluids, tissues, or cells)

  • The size and type of transport media needed to preserve the sample.

  • The standardized labels and instructions

Donor Screening Test

We provide donor screening tests to ensure the safety and efficacy of your gene and cell therapy products. By screening donors for infectious diseases, genetic disorders, and other potential risks, we can help to improve the outcomes for patients who receive these treatments.

  • Infectious diseases (HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, syphilis, and Chagas disease, etc.)

  • HLA typing

  • Genetic testing

  • Specific customized tests

Critical Reagent Generation 

and Qualification

We offer critical reagent services to meet your analytical and regulatory requirements at all stages of development. 

  • Experiences working with pharmaceutical companies and a deep understanding of various requirements for critical reagents generation and qualification.

  • Capabilities to generate and qualify critical reagents for all stages of drug development.

  • Competitive Pricing

Stability and Sterility-Testing

We help to conduct stability testing and sterility testing to ensure the safety and efficacy of your pharmaceutical products.

  • Stress Test to establish the product's shelf life

  • Membrane filtration method to ensure that pharmaceutical products are free from viable microorganisms.

Method Development and Validation

We provide a wide range of services for method development and validation to meet your analytical and regulatory requirements fit for intended purpose.

  • Designing and optimizing assay methods

  • Validating assay methods

  • Providing training on assay methods

  • Providing consulting services on assay methods

Method Improvement and Automation

We provide a wide range of services for method improvement & automation development to meet your performance and regulatory requirements for better reliability and robustness.

  • Optimizing the method's sensitivity and selectivity

  • Reducing the method's complexity and cost

  • Increasing the method's speed throughput

  • Providing training on automated systems.


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